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Yoga Classes - Knyoga Yoga Classes for All Ages and Experience Levels

What to Expect

My yoga classes are suitable for all ages and level of experience from beginners to more experienced practitioners as they encourage exploration and following one’s own body intelligence rather than just exercise routines. The body is encouraged to work as an integrated whole by using its structure to engage evenly so no part is underworking or over working.


In my yoga classes we use yoga asana to connect to our bodies and stay present, release tension while building strength, create length in the spine and find ease in movement, discover the flow of the breath and gain a deeper self-awareness. As yoga is not one size fits all, I approach asana alignment mindfully, taking into consideration the individual structures and offer modifications, and alternatives to suit our uniqueness. My classes are also spacious to allow for self reflection on what we are doing and why.

Kind Words

 “I very much enjoyed doing Yoga with Kristina, she is an excellent teacher” – Patricia O’Loughlin


My practice and teaching approach are influenced by a style called Scaravelli Inspired Yoga from my training with Catherine Annis, tensegrity and the embodied relational approach from my training with Kate Ellis.

When practicing yoga do not kill the instinct of the body for the glory of the pose.” Vanda Scaravelli

Tensegrity means the integrity of tension. By keeping space in the joints and spreading the load bearing equally no part is underworking, and no part it over working. A lot of asana end up compressing joints which leads to the flow of force not being able to be distributed around the body so that we can feel light and supported by our structure in relationship to gravity. If we’re integrated with the tensional forces in the body we can be more receptive, responsive, dynamic and adaptive.Kate Ellis


7:30-8:30Morning Yoga Online £10

18:30-19:30Mindful Yoga Online £10Mindful Yoga Online £10

The times of the classes are in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT UK London).

The price for 60 mins group class is £10.00. For bookings and payment please email me on info@knyoga.co.uk or use the contact form below.

If this is more than you can afford right now, please contact me on info@knyoga.co.uk for a discount.


Contact us if you have any questions, we welcome everyone and we look forward to meeting you!