Yoga at Work

Introducing yoga at work and to the working day can help employees and employers beat stress, increase productivity, and enhance performance. It is an ideal antidote to back pain from sitting too long, bad posture habits, fatigue, tight muscles and stiffness. Yoga at the workplace can also create positive energy, overcome feelings of overwhelm, improve focus and concentration, raise the morale, calm the nervous system and restore balance.

The size of the yoga class can vary depending on your needs and the space you have available at your location. The time is also up to you – yoga in the morning can be a great way to start the day by helping bring a sense of clarity to carry the daily work load, yoga at lunch time may be the ideal solution for regaining some energy and focus for the afternoon, while a class at the end of the day can tone the whole body, relieve tension and help to step back into personal space.