As a traditional form of learning, one-to-one yoga classes with can truly enhance your practice experience, deepen your awareness and support your individual process of re-connecting with yourself. It takes into account your unique anatomy, postural and movement habits, and level of experience.

If you are nervous about joining a class and would prefer to be introduced to yoga in a private setting, one-to-one sessions with will benefit you immensely as you get the instructor’s full attention while learning the basics and exploring poses and movement. This form of class is also great if you are already experienced then one-to-one yoga could benefit you as you get to deepen your practice and work towards your goals, while getting individual attention and feedback.

One-to-one classes could also be an ideal solution if you have an injury or you are trying to alleviate stress as the sessions are customised to fit your specific needs and focus on the therapeutic benefits of yoga.

I currently teach private sessions from my home in Marylebone or the reCentre Studio in Balham. Please contact me to book.

Cancellation Policy: Please note that once a one-to-one session is booked, I require 24 hours notice to cancel or full payment will be due.